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Climate Change is Personal

By Justin Brightharp | YPFP Rising Expert for Energy | May 16, 2023 | Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons Global warming and climate change are phenomena of world-wide concern, but in many respects, we are starting to feel their effects on a personal, local level. Climate change and energy […]

The YPFP Fellowship Application is Now Open!

April 2023 The YPFP Fellowship is a personal and professional leadership development accelerator for emerging talent in foreign policy. Six YPFP Fellows will have a unique opportunity to develop, construct, and implement a strategy and execution for an organization that has significant impact for thousands of young professionals […]

South Korea’s Soft Power Playbook

By Lauren McCranie | October 3, 2022 In 1990, Joseph Nye sought to think more holistically about global power dynamics and introduced the concept of soft power: the ability of a country to persuade foreign publics to agree with its policies and stances without explicit force (as opposed to […]