“21st Century Sims” Review

by Enea Gjoza Read the full book review on Foreign Policy. Few naval careers can match that of Admiral William S. Sims in breadth of experience and value of contributions. Sims served as the commander of U.S. naval forces during World War I and led the Naval War College […]

Use the Economy for Cooperation, not for Boycotts

by Arik Segal This blog post was originally published on i24news In the absence of political negotiations, civil society should take the lead and start by building business communities. U.S. President Barack Obama’s recent statement, in which he expressed pessimism about reaching peace in the Middle East during […]

Making Smart Sanctions Smarter

 Sanctions can be a powerful tool, provided there is thought applied to their implementation and scope. by Brittney Lenard Depending on whom you ask, April’s nuclear framework agreement between the P5+1 countries (the United States, United Kingdom, China, France, Russia, and Germany) and Iran represents anything from an […]

Successful Peacebuilding Requires Gender Perspectives

by Jessie Durrett From Ukraine to Afghanistan, gender perspectives in peacebuilding are being routinely neglected throughout the world. Unfortunately, high-level discussion on the topic has not yet yielded any substantial progress. It is high time this changed. Peacebuilding aims to address root causes of conflict and develop strong […]

Kissinger Fashions International Relations

by Michelle Bovée Henry Kissinger’s unusual appearance at the annual Met Gala in New York City serves as an important reminder of the deep historical and oft-forgotten links between fashion and international diplomacy.  Former U.S. national security advisor, Realpolitik proponent, and opener of China Henry Kissinger made a […]