What’s next for the United Kingdom?

by Luke Richer The NHS, immigration, Scotland, a hung parliament and…how to eat a bacon sandwich…were all topics that hogged the front pages of the British media in the run up to the United Kingdom’s 2015 General Election. A policy area startlingly absent from debate was foreign policy.

China and the Western World in the Post-2015 Development Agenda: Toward New Patterns of Cooperation?

by Elodie Sellier As emerging economies continue growing at remarkable rates—much faster than their industrialized counterparts—the traditional “North-South” dichotomy is becoming obsolete. As a result, the patterns of development cooperation, once dominated by the industrialized countries, are shifting toward new aid models. In July 2014, the United Nations Open […]

Lessons from the Intelligence Module

YPFP’s Leadership Incubator Intelligence module concluded on April 28 after 8 weeks of engaging sessions. Over the weeks, the 31 participants learned about America’s 17 intelligence agencies and how they work together (or try to work together) and the 6 types of intelligence (Humint, sigint, geoint, masint, imint, […]

The world is Bardo

by Manel Mselmi and Rebecca Weicht, YPFP Brussels On Sunday 28 March 2015, 20,000 people joined a march against the terrorist attack on the Bardo National Museum in Tunis. European, African and Arab leaders gathered to support Tunisia in its struggle against extremism. It was a symbolic march […]