“21st Century Sims” Review

by Enea Gjoza

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Few naval careers can match that of Admiral William S. Sims in breadth of experience and value of contributions. Sims served as the commander of U.S. naval forces during World War I and led the Naval War College twice as president. Among his achievements were revolutionizing naval gunnery in the age of the battleship, organizing the defense of the convoy system during the war, and promoting a culture of innovation and information sharing in the navy. A profound thought leader and determined advocate of reform, Sims was also a frequent contributor to the naval journal Proceedings, where he shared and debated his ideas with fellow officers. 21st Century Sims features six of Sims’ most notable works, with context and commentary from Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Armstrong.

Enea Gjoza is an intelligence Research Fellow with Young Professionals in Foreign Policy, and a writer for Young Voices. He is also a policy analyst specializing in U.S. foreign policy and criminal justice reform with the Charles Koch Institute. All views expressed are his own.

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